Town Ordinances / Resolutions

In December 2019, the Town of Dove Creek received a DOLA Grant to assist with the Dove Creek's Codification Project.  Once complete, the Town of Dove Creek will have an official Code of Ordinances that will be up-to-date, clearly written, searchable and easily accessible in print and online.  Completion of the Dove Creek's Codification Project is estimated for the Summer of 2021.  


Number Ordinance Title
176 Snow Removal Ordinance
180 Zoning Regulations Ordinance
192 Keeping and Vaccination of Dogs Ordinance
209 Property Maintenance Ordinance
211 Backflow Prevention Ordinance
214 Floodplain Ordinance
218 OHV Ordinance
228 Subdivision Regulations Ordinance
229 Subdivision Improvement Agreement
230 Water and Sewer Regulations Ordinance
Number Resolution Title
6-1 Designated OHV Highway Crossing Areas